Astro Micro comes with search, comments, and more built-in.

Introducing Astro Micro

Posted June 9, 2024

Astro Micro is a new blog template for Astro. It’s a fork of Mark Horn’s popular Astro Nano template. Like Astro Nano, there’s zero frameworks by default. It’s live on the Astro Themes page and you can see it in action here.


  • Everything in Astro Nano plus…
  • Search with Pagefind
  • Comments with Giscus
  • Table of contents
  • Pagination
  • Callout components
  • and more!

It’s great to see people forking and starring Astro Nano! The repo is here and setup instructions are here.

If you encounter any bugs please open an issue on the repo. Lastly, big thank you to Bo Lopker for their help!